Welcome to FüD!

We are an all plant-based vegan sustainable restaurant with an emphasis on hearty "super" food and raw-living cuisine. We make our own cheeses and ice cream from cashews, sunflower and hemp seeds.

Our selection of rainbow raw and cooked dishes are comfort food and provide for a variety of healthy diets. We create almost everything from scratch--including over 25 sauces and 10 fillings fresh every day. Our hand-crafted recipes are tasty, fun and super satisfying. We are flexible and understand the needs of our customers, so we can accommodate a variety of needs including raw, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and garlic- or onion-free choices too!

Our sustainable practices include fluoride-free filtered water, composting, recycling, biocompostable to-go packaging and cutlery, buying local organic produce and providing the lowest impact food on the environment and the most SuperF├╝d impact on you!

Treat your body right: Eat the Rainbow.